Is FoodWork free?

For local/sustainable/secure food
FoodWork's mission is to post all opportunities, whether or not you can pay. It's an honour system in support of the food movement.

We want you to post
If you can pay, please do. But if you can't, please post anyway.  Just choose "can't pay" on the posting form.

Honour system
Behind every posting, we're hard at work for you. We're confident that the response to your posting will far outweigh our modest suggested rates. The posting form lets you choose what you can afford. We welcome VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, or mail us a cheque.

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Why sliding scale

Most importantly, FoodWork attracts the best and brightest people, eager to work for healthy, sustainable food. By posting with FoodWork, you'll save time and do better than all the emailing, tweeting and facebooking you could imagine. It's a win-win — for you, applicants and the food movement.

FoodWork is run by and for people who care about local, sustainable food. For years we ran GoodWork absolutely for free, not asking for a penny. We helped countless groups, organizations, farms, community gardens, food businesses, schools. It was completely altruistic. But then... we ran out of money and nearly found ourselves homeless!  We learned that no matter how much we care and want to help, it's impossible to be truly effective on best intentions alone.

What if I can't pay?

Please go ahead and post your opportunity.  FoodWork's mission is to help, irrespective of financial circumstances. “Can't pay” is one of the options on the posting form.

We know that many great projects are underfunded, cash-strapped, volunteer run. So unlike any other site, FoodWork can help you find great people, whether or not you can pay.  Just choose “can't pay” when posting.

But if you can pay — please don't spoil the system for everyone else. FoodWork plays a tricky balance between helping those who genuinely can't pay, while at the same time not being taken advantage of by those who can. The "can't pay" option is meant mostly for volunteer groups and others who aren't in a position to pay. It's an honour system, please be honourable!

Why pay?

When you visit FoodWork it looks simple, but behind the scenes we're tirelessly at work. Finding new employers. Seeking out great candidates. Helping with postings. Fixing the site. Fighting off spammers and scammers. Managing the details that bring it all together. We're very much here for the cause — but we need to pay the bills like anyone else. Here's what we do for each and every posting.

Most importantly, FoodWork will bring you better results than sites that charge $200 or more. You'll save time and do better than all the emailing, tweeting and facebooking you could imagine. We're hoping that great applicants are worth something to you!  It's a win-win — for you, applicants and the food movement.

Make good use of FoodWork!

FoodWork is here for you to make good use of at this crazy, unsustainable time on our planet. We can help you reach the best and brightest people, eager to contribute to local, sustainable and organic food. Please make good use!

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