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Quantum Leaps Retreats 2024

Position: Live in Housekeeper/ Cook/ Staff Person
Organization: Quantum Leaps Lodge and Retreats

Location: near Golden, BC
Housing: all-inclusive accommodation in our Staff Trailer ($400/month)

We are now accepting applications for a dynamic, trustworthy, friendly, “energetic” person or couple with skills, kindness, and integrity to join our small community. He/she/they must have the willingness to embrace all aspects of Quantum Leaps, all jobs, all seasons, all people, variable hours, knowing that everything we do here is being of service. From pulling weeds in the garden, to laundry, to housekeeping, to holding space for Retreats…every heartfelt action is a part of the greater good.

After reading the following job description…. if this feels right to you; to be of service, for the spiritual evolution of humanity, to develop the higher frequency/vibration of light so that others can easily see who they truly are… to learn immensely valuable skills that will be of great benefit to your future relationships/jobs.

Then please send us your resume with a photo of yourself (selves) to:

This job will begin in May — May 15th at the latest! And if everything works until the end of June or into the summer/fall.

You will have all-inclusive accommodation in our Staff Trailer @ a rate of $400/month.

You will mostly do your own cooking. When we have Retreat and you/we are cooking you join in of course. You will have access to chicken and duck eggs and some seasonal vegetables from the garden (only what is listed).

Between work hours you will have time to read, write, practice, hike, bike etc. (when you are not needed for tasks).

Before you think of applying, we need our staff to have a valid driver’s license and a vehicle.

This job is not suitable for folks with pets and/ or folks that wish to bring children.

We would also prefer a face-to-face interview with you; to spend some time together, to meet you, and for you to meet us. It is important for us to work together for a while to see how we flow. We can start with a Skype/ Zoom connection.

You will be a contractor for Quantum Leaps. Hours and days of work are variable.

At Quantum Leaps…

  • There is an opportunity to augment salary with your own personal talents and skills if applicable i.e. yoga, massage, etc
  • You are provided with accommodations in our staff trailer.
  • Opportunity for deep learning and growth experiences i.e. workshops, fire walks, sweat lodges, breath work, etc. at little or no cost to you!
  • Beautiful Labyrinths and Medicine Wheel on site
  • Opportunity for rafting, hiking, mud bathing, etc
  • Variable hours and days
  • Live in a beautiful and scenic wild place with hiking and enjoying nature all around us (five National Parks all within a few hours of driving!)
  • Live in peace and quiet pursuing higher consciousness and connection (no partiers/no smokers/light consumption of alcohol). Make personal choices for your own body and health and wellbeing!
  • Grow and nurture the organic food that we eat and share.
  • Live in a highly energetic place
  • Help facilitate and hold space for the Retreats and Guests (spiritual growth)
  • We have a staff trailer that is self contained and private. It has a queen bed, kitchen, bathroom, and living space. As well we have a staff house that has some amenities such as a full kitchen and another shower/bathroom.

Job Description:

We need our staff to be organized, clean, self motivated, enjoy working, enjoy peace and quiet, enjoy alone time, can follow instructions/directions, be able to take constructive critique/guidance to approve upon the job you are doing, and be able to problem solve, be self-motivated, and see the jobs that need doing. Skills in conflict resolution are also an asset. What is wonderful is if you look at whatever job/creative project that you are truly engaged in and think how you can do it better/easier/more efficiently, and perhaps even make it fun!

Hours/days vary according to the need and demand of what is going on. Maybe anywhere from 20-40 hrs./ week. It will just depend how busy we are.

PAY: Pay will start at $20/hour depending on task, performance, and skill.


Housekeeping – helping as needed with laundry, housekeeping (we have a high standard of cleaning that needs to be followed to continue to get “sparkling clean” reviews), hot tub cleaning, yearly deep cleaning, windows, setting up for workshops etc.

Cooking: Meal prep and cooking for our Retreat groups and all that entails.

Offer to our clients your own talents and skills if applicable i.e. yoga, massage, etc

Customer Service/Office – meet and greet/checking in/and out guests, phone calls, looking after needs of guests, answering questions, general running of the lodge, computer skills, taking registrations, reservations, answering emails.

Rafting (if applicable) help in the summer if applicable; help with shuttle to pick up guests. A valid driver’s license is required.

Gardening and Greenhouse – we have a full size (1 acre) garden, chickens, orchard, and greenhouse so everything that relates to that from planting, to weeding, to watering, and then to harvesting!

Any creative talents you may have will be greatly appreciated to add to the beauty of the land and buildings. We always have sanding, staining, painting, maintenance and other jobs that need doing.

****When Annette and Brian are away; to take complete care of Quantum Leaps Retreats. We will be in phone and/or email contact as much as possible if possible.


  1. do a good job and clean up after yourself when the job is complete
  2. do a complete job
  3. you can talk to someone and keep working at the same time
  4. listen to instructions, remember, or write it down
  5. ask questions if you need clarification
  6. stay focused
  7. good questions are important.
  8. when complete or if you need anything, or have questions find a staff person
  9. When working with others, please do not wear an ipod/music thing or carry your phone around…sometimes there are jobs that require you to do a task on your own…then you may listen to music.


  1. Think ahead as to what needs to be done next…anticipate.
  2. How can I do this better-easier maybe even make it fun?
  3. What can I learn?
  4. What can I contribute?
  5. What can I do to make the job more economical/more environmental/more efficient?
  6. rather then thinking of it as work, see it as “creative projects”

COMMUNICATION: Be open and communicative about your needs for above all, we want you to be “here”, 100% committed and loving it here. If you are feeling any hesitation to this commitment, please talk to us! This is a highly energetic place, and you need to be able to “go with the flow/glow.” Conflict and differences may arise through the course of living and working together. Are you willing to face these, to work to resolution? Or as Fritz Pearls would say “As sure as people are different then conflict will arise; and what’s true is that conflict can be resolved”. Contact is the appreciation of differences.


“You are either a slave of the organizations or you can be a servant of Spirit.”

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

“Every action you take is an act of self-definition.”

We believe in personal freedom and the Greater

Wild blessings,
Annette and Brian

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