Unsubscribe from email updates

We have two lists:  (1) If you subscribed before 2014, you probably subscribed using Yahoogroups or Groups.io.  (2) If you subscribed more recently, you're probably on our new system, below.

(1) Unsubscribe from Groups.io (formerly Yahoogroups)

To unsubscribe, e-mail to: goodwork+unsubscribe@groups.io . If you have any difficulty, please e-mail our staff, we will unsubscribe you. We would need to know the original address you subscribed (whether or not that address is now obsolete or forwarding to a newer address).

(2) Unsubscribe from new system:

The unsubscribe link is at the bottom of each message we send. Or use the unsubscribe page to delete any or all subscriptions/alerts. Note: The system will send you a confirmation message. You must reply to that message, to confirm that you wish to unsubscribe.

Trouble unsubscribing?

If you're having any difficulty, please let us know — our staff can unsubscribe you.  E-mail us at info foodwork.ca, subject: unsubscribe [your city or region?]. Be sure to indicate the original address you subscribed, not just your current address.

Tip: Usually, when people have trouble unsubscribing it's because they've changed their e-mail address, and their old address is forwarding to their new one. We need to know the original address you subscribed, so we can unsubscribe it. When you contact us, please think back to when you first subscribed, and mention any addresses that you might have used at that time.


If you have any difficulty, our apologies. This is usually because your address has changed since you first subscribed. We just need to know the original address in order to unsubscribe it. Please contact us and we'll quickly help you out. (If possible, please try one of the above methods first.)