Employer FAQ

What is FoodWork?

FoodWork is Canada's largest community of sustainable food professionals, job seekers and volunteers. From Halifax, to Vancouver, to Inuvik, people look here for meaningful work in healthy, local, sustainable food and agriculture.

Why post here?

Based on feedback from employers, posting with FoodWork usually results in highly qualified and motivated candidates. We guarantee itMore...

What kind of postings are suitable?

We welcome all kinds of work opportunities: paid employment, contracts, RFP's, board positions, volunteer positions, entrepreneurial opportunities, food businesses for sale, partnerships. From entry level to senior management. The employer and/or the position itself should relate in some way to food issues, such as local food, food security, natural foods, urban farming, organic/sustainable agriculture, or related themes. If in doubt, please go ahead and post or contact us with any questions.

Will my posting reach the right people?

Most probably. We've had remarkable success at filling everything from volunteer positions to senior and specialist roles. If you're not sure if FoodWork is quite right for the position you have in mind, please post it and put “free trial” in the comments field. Or contact our staff for assistance in best targeting your posting.

Is there a cost?

Each time you post, our staff are at work for you, helping you find great candidates. In support of volunteer groups and others who couldn't post if they had to pay, we use an honour system. On the posting page, please choose the level that suits your budget. Or if payment is a barrier, choose “can't pay”. We fully guarantee each posting. You can pay online, or mail a cheque at your convenience. Our suggested fees sustain FoodWork and let us deliver the response we're famous for.

What if we have no budget?

We often get postings from nonprofit, municipal and federal staff who are frustrated by their organization's limited budgets or policies on external postings. We invite you to choose ”can't pay“ on the posting page. We're here to support food projects and initiatives — including those who can't pay, for whatever reason.

How do I post?

Please use the posting page. Or if that doesn't work for you, we can also accept postings by e-mail: info foodwork.ca

How long will my posting stay online?

For as long as you like, within reason. The posting page lets you specify the “display until” date, when the system will automatically remove the posting. You can shorten or extend it at any time. Most employers choose to post for a few weeks. But “ongoing” postings, for example, often stay online for a year or longer.

What about last minute postings?

Even if the deadline is just a few days away, it's still worth posting. Subscribers are alerted of new postings by email, Twitter and other networks, so it's possible to get a very fast response.

Can I add photos?

All postings paying the $50 rate or higher are welcome to include one to five photos. Just e-mail them to info foodwork.ca. Farms and nonprofits that can't pay full rate but are keen to add photos can also send them to us and we'll do our best to add them as time allows. | Terms

Can FoodWork help with _____?

Yes. FoodWork staff can advise or assist you with any aspect of the hiring process. We've been doing this for 15 years and are dedicated to assisting organizations like yours. Contact us and our staff will discuss any questions or concerns you may have, and provide you with suggestions or referrals. Most questions are resolved by a simple email or phone call — no charge.

Other questions?

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss how to find the best candidate for your position, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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