Kudos for FoodWork!

Some kudos we've received from employers big and small:

“This service is enormously helpful. Of all the postings I've done, this is the one that has drawn the attention of the most excellent candidates. Thank you!” — Margaret Tourond-Townson, Canadian Organic Growers

“I love this service and have gotten many wonderful staff members because of it but get no budget from the City to pay for external postings. But I will be making a personal/family contribution instead.” (Large urban municipal government)

“Your site is hugely useful for both employers and those looking for jobs. I can't get over how many great people applied. Very, very helpful.” — Joan VanDuzer, Mansfield Heritage Farm

“This is the 2nd time I have posted a job posting on your site - and it will probably be the ONLY place I post from now on. I got responses from great applicants and have hired 2 new people for our team. Thanks for simply existing...although I expect its a lot more work than that.” (Organic gardening business)

“Thanks for providing a site for like minded workers to connect at a reasonable price.” (Provincial land trust organization)

“What a service!” — Roberta Stimac, Centre for Local Food Initiatives