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Are you serious about finding great staff? Since 2001, FoodWork is Canada’s trusted source for meaningful work in healthy, accessible food; local and sustainable farming.

We're not a robot, and don't expect you to be. Posting with FoodWork is an entirely different experience compared to other sites. Instead of receiving hundreds of resumes from people who haven’t even read the posting, you’ll receive a manageable number of highly qualified, motivated candidates.

Our Guarantee: We’re sure you’ll be glad you posted here. But if for any reason you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund your payment, no questions asked.

“This service is enormously helpful. Of all the postings I've done, this one has drawn the attention of the most excellent candidates. Thank you!”


Margaret Tourond-Townson

One-step posting:

Posting is an easy, one step process.  Your posting can stay online for as long as you like, within reason. You can revise, extend or remove your posting at any time. Our staff will scan your posting for any problems, publish it, and send you a receipt/invoice.

What does it cost?

We charge a modest fee for posting. This sustains our service and enables us to attract the best candidates for your posting. You can select the rate that’s appropriate for you on the posting page.

Can't pay? We are a social purpose, mission driven organization. We’re here to help, not profiteer. As you’ll see on the posting page, we can be flexible to your budget/ability to pay. When needed, we offer much lower rates to nonprofit groups and startups who aren't able to pay full rate. Please see our rates or contact us to discuss.

Multiple postings? If you have a batch of postings there are several options:

  • if possible, please pay the appropriate rate for each
  • call us to discuss a discount
  • consider combining them into a single posting

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